Book Review || Six Stories


Book: Six Stories

Author: Matt Wesolowski

Publication Date: March 2017

Version: Kindle eBook

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

The novel is constructed as a series of podcasts, in which an investigative journalist describes the circumstances around the death of a teenaged boy in an outward-bound centre, interviewing witnesses, suspects and people close to the incident. Their six accounts form the six stories of the title, creating a “chilling and compelling, page-turning thriller that also delves deep into notions of truth, perception and loyalty”.

Um wow, this book.  Okay, I need to collect my thoughts for a moment because I finished this about an hour and a half ago after an all day reading marathon (for the Booktube-A-Thon yay!!) and I am still processing.

Thoughts (mostly) collected:

First, this book has such a unique format.  If you have listened to the podcast “Serial”, then this book will feel very familiar to you but without being a direct repeat.  If you have never listened to “Serial” or a podcast at all, don’t fret because this book is exciting and suspenseful and you will follow the format easily.

There are six “stories”, or accounts, of what happened the months leading up to and the night a boy dies.  Was it an accident?  Was he murdered?  Or is there something more sinister and supernatural at play?  I kid you not, this book has it all.

I was immediately pulled into the story that takes place in the 90s (surrounding the death) and the story that is happening present day with the podcast as everyone reflects on past events.  The author also does an excellent job with pulling you into the characters’ lives and the secrets they may be keeping.

Finally, the ending.  I feel like I have read a lot of thrillers recently that promise a shocking, twisty ending with out the shock or twist and boy oh boy, was I happy that this book definitely has shocking twist towards the end.  I took off a half star because there was one part of the ending that I saw coming and wasn’t that surprising, but the rest was fabulously written.

For a book as short as this one (clocks in at 225 pages), it also manages to highlight issues surrounding bullying and the damages bullying inflicts, which is another reason this book stands out so much.

I highly, highly recommend this one!



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